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We deliver high quality comprehensive chiropractic care that is affordable and effective. We NEVER make patients sign-up for LONG TERM contracts. You are always encouraged to receive care at your own pace. We have a devoted team of professionals that work to create the best environment for your healing experience. We offer certified massage therapy, acupuncture and various therapies including COLD LASER and Ultrasound. We ONLY offer the highest quality supplements and the highest quality foot ORTHOTICS.

Chiropractic - Massage Therapy - Acupuncture - Cold Laser - Orthotics - Sports Injury - Auto Injury - Work Injury - Highest Quality Supplements - DOT Physicals - Sports Physicals - Affordable Chiropractic Care - Sole Supports Orthotics - Xymogen - Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Fish Oil -

We do this because everyday people are suffering needlessly. Many of which can be alleviated with the care we provide. We offer safe, effective treatment for neck and back pain due to auto accidents, daily living activities or work injury. Our office utilizes the latest treatment options including Evidence-based chiropractic, Certified Massage Therapy and Cold Laser therapy. Our treatment options speed the recovery of soft tissue injury and get you back to pre-episode condition. We continually attend education courses in order to provide the best treatment options for all of our patients with various conditions. We have direct contact with other healthcare experts and specialists. If we determine that we cannot help you will we find the specialist that can. We are the experts with musculo-skeletal conditions and know how to treat them effectively.

"I have never considered it beneath my dignity to do anything to relieve human suffering" -DD Palmer (founder of chiropractic)

We are here to help you.

No one does Auto Accidents better! We take care of the paperwork and hassle for you, so you can focus more on healing and getting better.

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FREE Consultation. Emergency DOT Physicals available. We accept Auto Liens

NO Long Term Contracts.